Routine Traffic Stops May Be Getting Safer

Are Robots the Future of Law Enforcement?

By IGI Global on Oct 3, 2019
According to a NBC Mach article, a mechanical engineer created a robot that will mitigate violent encounters during traffic stops. Equipped with a webcam, signature pad, a small printer, and spikes (to prevent the driver from leaving the scene), this robot enables officers to communicate with the drivers and print traffic tickets without either party leaving their vehicles.

This robot was inspired by the fact that nearly 50,000 traffic stops are made daily in the United States, which often results in motorists or police being injured, assaulted, or killed. As this area of research is still evolving, find below the latest findings on topics related to public safety, law enforcement, robotics, and mechanical engineering. All of the related chapters are available in IGI Global’s InfoSci-Books database:

Emerging Ethical Issues in Police and Public Safety Psychology: Reflections on Mandatory vs. Aspirational Ethics
Prof. Jeni L. McCutcheon (Phoenix Area Independent Police & Public Safety Psychology Practice, USA)
Copyright: © 2017 | Pages: 21

“Human-Robot Interaction Design Using Smart Device Based Robot Partner”
Prof. Jinseok Woo (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan) and Prof. Naoyuki Kubota (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
Copyright: © 2019 | Pages: 22

“Handover Mechanisms in Internet of Vehicles (IoV): Survey, Trends, Challenges, and Issues”
Prof. Livinus Tuyisenge (CReSTIC-URCA, France), Prof. Marwane Ayaida (CReSTIC-URCA, France), Prof. Samir Tohme (University of Versailles, France), et al.
Copyright: © 2020 | Pages: 64

“Mobile Robotics”
Prof. Isak Karabegović (Independent Researcher, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Prof. Vlatko Doleček (Academy of Sciences and Arts, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Copyright: © 2020 | Pages: 31

“Exploring the Complexities Associated to Victimization: Addressing Media Sensationalism and Race”
Prof. Erica Hutton (Hutton Criminal Profiling and Associates, USA)
Copyright: © 2017 | Pages: 16

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