The highest academic award in the California State University system

Dr. Victor C. X. Wang Honored with Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award

By IGI Global on Oct 1, 2015
Dr. Victor C. X. Wang is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology at Florida Atlantic University and has edited and authored dozens of IGI Global publications. Dr. Wang is the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award, the highest academic award in the California State University system. Individuals may only be considered for this award once every decade.

Dr. Wang recently addressed Career and Technical Education and Adult Education in his interview with CCTV-America. The Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award, granted and signed by Californian legislators, confirms Dr. Wang's exceptional contributions to over 2,000 adult learners on the West Coast when he directed the largest ever Teacher Education Program between 2002 and 2011. Dr. Wang received numerous letters from former California State University Long Beach President King Alexander, congratulating Dr. Wang for his scholarly contributions to the university.

For Dr. Wang's teaching evaluations between 2002 and 2011, he received "perfect" evaluation scores (5.0). Dr. Wang sends sincere regards to his former colleagues, students, and associates. Thus far, Dr. Wang has published nearly 200 refereed books, book chapters, and journal articles. View his acceptance speech for the Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award here:

View Dr. Wang's IGI Global publications here:

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