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What is Capitalism

Cases on Survival and Sustainability Strategies of Social Entrepreneurs
A prevalent economic and social system of privately controlled trade and industry where the primary objective is to maximize shareholders wealth and profit. Excessive focus on the sole objective of profits increasingly comes at the expense of other stakeholders’ rights – where regulation to control for this is often trailing and playing ‘catch-up’. The failures of capitalism in modern society are often claimed to be portrayed by the world-wide meltdown resulting from the recent 2008 global financial crisis, and widening disparity and wealth gaps in modern society.
Published in Chapter:
Entrepreneurial Parenting Through Spiritual Capital: A Case Study on First Fruit Group Social Enterprise
Charles A. Oham (University of Greenwich, UK) and Nathaniel Massa (University of Malta, Malta)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7724-0.ch007
This study aligns with the objectives of this volume, presenting cases reflecting social entrepreneurs' lived experiences, seeking understanding, and conveying learning from practitioners and their emergent approaches embedded in contextual realities. Adopting an interpretative approach, this chapter presents First Fruit Group (FFG) as an illustrative case derived from a broader study – highlighting various dimensions of entrepreneurial parenting identified as core elements in the nurturing process at FFG and manifested in the relationship between social entrepreneur and mentee. Evidently fundamental for FFG's growth, it extended strategic vision and raison d'être continuity in leadership succession, motivating new opportunity exploitation and sustaining the group's enterprising expansion.
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Commodification of Labor in Tourism: Human and Non-Human Animals
Capitalism is an economic and social system that is fundamentally based on principles of private ownership, free competition, and a market economy. In capitalism, the means of production, resources, and property are typically controlled by individuals or private enterprises. Economic activities and the production of goods and services often occur under conditions of free market, meaning they are determined by the dynamics of supply and demand.
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Combating the “Gimme More” Mindset in Modern Classrooms: Citizenship Education vs. Entitlement
An economic system that includes private ownership of businesses and products rather than being state owned and controlled.
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Technology and the Theory of Apocalypse
This is an economic system which rests on the principle of private ownership and the use of means of production towards profit.
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Big Brothers Are Seducing You: Consumerism, Surveillance, and the Agency of Consumers
An economic system that relies on market mechanism to support competition and the private ownership of production systems to pursue profit.
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Examining Biopolitics and Bioethics Through Abusive Pain Management: Genesis v Gehenna II
An economic system where individuals own wealth and can grow it through satisfying real or fabricated needs along with favourable government interventions.
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A Film Analysis Related to Globalization and Capitalist Consumer Culture and Its Reflections on Advertising Industry
Capitalism is the social system bases on the private ownership and financial interest and the economic system gives people the right to freedom. Capitalism is built on various basic principles such as “private property,” “personal interest,” “competition,” “market mechanism,” and “limited role” of government.
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Ascertaining the Interest of Women to Drive Innovation Through Entrepreneurship Post-Pandemic: A Research Study in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
An economic system in which people and companies make most decisions and the government plays a secondary role. E.g., American economy is capitalistic in nature, whereas Indian economy is mixed.
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Critical Analysis of the Evolving Process of Neoliberal Global Capitalism
It is an economic and social system based on private ownership of the means of production, the importance of capital as a generator of wealth, and the allocation of resources through the market mechanism.
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Nobody Wants to Work Under These Conditions
private ownership of property and means of production, profit-making through market competition that depends on the exploitation of people and their labor, and the accumulation/hoarding of wealth and capital by the elite.
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Time of Our Lives: Reproducing Inequality in a Culture of Compulsory Progress
An economic and political system that involves the private ownership and control of property, capital, resources, and other means of production by individuals or corporations (versus the government) for the purpose of competing in a free market (with limited regulations) to accumulate additional capital, profit, status, and power.
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Overcoming Barriers
An economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production. Capitalism is typically characterized by extreme distributions of wealth and large differences between the rich and the poor (Collins, 2009).
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Environmental Crimes and Green Victimization
A political and economic system that prioritizes profit over everything else.
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Beyond Tourismphobia: Conceptualizing a New Framework to Analyze Attitudes Towards Tourism
A system of organization of social and economic relations based on the commoditization of the greatest number of elements in the greatest number of places.
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Women Entrepreneurs and Disparities During the Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Eras
According to the Harvard Business School is often defined as an economic system where private actors are allowed to own and control the use of property in accord with their own interests, and where the invisible hand of the pricing mechanism coordinates supply and demand in markets in a way that is automatically in the best interests of society.
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The Spirit of Capitalism vs. the Spirit of Consumerism: A Comparative Typology
The economic system in which the market is free from outside interference. It requires efficient labor and capital reinvestment in order to yield profit.
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Inequalities: A Concern for Capitalism and Global Strategy
Is an economic system where the capital and the land are owned by individuals and businesses.
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Critical Analysis of the Influence of Transnational Capitalism on Institutions and Organizations
It i s the set of elements that inspire ethical entrepreneurs on their shares in favor of capital accumulation. Beginning from this argument, capitalism has embodied entrepreneurial ethical values establishing a new moral relationship between people in their work settings.
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Exploring U.S. Citizens' Perceptions of Foreign Media's Representations of America: A Systematic Review
An economic and political doctrine which advocates that countries’ trade and industries should be controlled by private owners for profit, and not by the state.
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