Take Flight: Practice Your Teaching Skills at Home!

By IGI Global on Nov 18, 2011
Calling all current teachers, aspiring teachers, education professors, and other education professionals! Developing your teaching skills is a lifelong process, and with all of the different tips and techniques available, there is a lot to learn about and to try in the classroom. Experimenting with new teaching techniques for the first time in a classroom or teaching your very first lessons can be difficult and stressful as you handle unexpected situations and try to balance the needs of an entire classroom of students.

Have you ever wanted a way to practice your teaching skills, try out new techniques, and do it from the comfort of your home in a low-pressure environment? simSchool is a new tool that allows you to do just that. According to their Web site:

"simSchool is a classroom simulation that supports the rapid accumulation of a teacher's experience in analyzing student differences, adapting instruction to individual learner needs, gathering data about the impacts of instruction, and seeing the results of their teaching. ‘simSchool' is like a "flight simulator" for educators - a place where instructors can explore instructional strategies, examine classroom management techniques, and practice building relationships with students that will translate into increased learning."

Individuals can use simSchool for free, so visit their Web site now to sign up and start going through your own simulations and modules. Institutions can also utilize simSchool in their classes. Visit the "How-to-Join" file to learn about institutional use of this great tool!

International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course DesignWith simSchool in your toolbox and a variety of new and constantly developing technologies for teachers, you'll be ready to read about every new teaching technique, practice it on your own, and take it to class, making your classroom the best it can be! Consider subscribing to IGI Global's premier instructional design journal, the International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design (IJOPCD) (Editors-in-Chief Chia-Wen Tsai, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan; and Pei-Di Shen, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan) to stay up-to-date with the latest classroom trends!

This double-blind, peer-reviewed journal serves as a forum for the improvement of online education for schools and teachers planning to implement or currently engaged in e-learning. Focusing on online schooling and curriculum preparation, this journal provides effective Web-based teaching methods for teachers and educators. IJOPCD presents critical viewpoints for academic professionals in the development of online learning. Visit IJOPCD's Web page today to learn more about the journal and obtain a free sample issue! You can also visit the convenient library recommendation form to recommend this journal to your university librarian today.

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