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Dr. Patrick Keleher Presents at the Ravensburger Industry Conference

By IGI Global on Dec 30, 2013
Dr. Patrick Keleher of CQUniversity recently presented at the Duale Hochschule – Baden-Wurttemburg (DHBW) Ravensburg Co-Operative State University’s Ravensburger Industry Conference in Ravensburg, Germany. Dr. Keleher, editor of the title Work-Integrated Learning in Engineering, Built Environment and Technology: Diversity of Practice in Practice, is a university lecturer at CQUniversity with over 25 years of experience in Work Integrated Learning and Practice Based Learning.

Dr. Patrick Keleher Presents At The Ravensburger Industry Conference The Ravensburger Industry Conference draws together DHBW's Departments of Industry, International Business and Banking, the Lake of Constance and Upper Swabia region's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as current students and alumni of the DHBW. This year's five international presenters included instructors and specialists from the automation, sensors and control systems industry, pharmaceuticals, finance and business logistics, facility, maintenance and process engineering, computer support systems, construction equipment, and management industries.

Entitled "Futures Studies No Hocus Pocus", Dr. Keleher's presentation highlighted the adoption of techniques and strategies from the field of Future Studies to support the founding and help shape expansion of organizations locally and globally. Keleher also conducted workshops relating to Work Integrated Learning and Futures Studies for DBHW's students, highlighting the importance of authentic and contextual learning to develop global practitioners.

About Dr. Patrick Keleher: Patrick’s experience of, and involvement with, Work Integrated Learning/Practice Based Learning commenced 25 years ago when he completed a postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Physics/Mathematics) at the University of Queensland. Over the 12 years of Patrick’s career as a secondary teacher he was a mentor, supervisor and assessor of pre-service science teachers operating within a Work Integrated Learning/Practice Based Learning model. Over the past 13 years, as a university lecturer, Patrick has led the development and delivery of programs at undergraduate (Director: Built Environment Programs) and postgraduate (Director: Maintenance Management, Environmental Management, Process Engineering Programs) level with the central theme of a Work Integrated Learning/Practice Based Learning philosophy.

In 2009, Patrick undertook sabbatical at the Practice Based-Professional Learning Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (PBPL-CETL) at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK to further his WIL/PBL research interests and has served as a Fellow of the PBPL-CETL. Patrick is the convenor of the Work Integrated Learning – Special Interest Group within CQUniversity’s Learning & Teaching Education Research Centre (LTERC).

Dr. Keleher's published works include:
Work-Integrated Learning in Engineering, Built Environment and Technology: Diversity of Practice in Practice, Edited by Patrick Keleher, Arun Patil, and R. E. Harreveld.

"Conducting an Effective Residential School for an Undergraduate Materials Science and Engineering Course", authored by Patrick Keleher and Arun Patil, from the International Journal of Quality Assurance in Engineering and Technology Education (IJQAETE), Editor: Arun Patil, Associate Editor: Patrick Keleher.
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