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Dr. Badrul Huda Khan Inducted into the Distance Learning Hall of Fame by the United States Distance Learning Association

By IGI Global on Jun 8, 2015
Dr. Badrul Huda Khan Inducted into the Distance Learning Hall of FameDr. Badrul Khan (center) accepts award from the United States Distance Learning Association World-renowned educator, author, speaker, and consultant in the field of e-learning Dr. Badrul Huda Khan was recently inducted into the Distance Learning Hall of Fame by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

The USDLA was founded in 1987 on the premise of creating a powerful alliance to meet the burgeoning education and training needs of learning communities via new concepts of the fusion of communication technologies with learning in broad multidisciplinary applications. The USDLA presented its 2015 International Distance Learning Awards in conjunction with the 2015 National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 28, 2015. These prestigious International Awards are presented annually to organizations and individuals engaged in the development and delivery of distance learning programs. Included in the recognition ceremony were awards for 21st Century Best Practices, Best Practices for Distance Learning Programming, Best Practices for Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching, Outstanding Leadership by an Individual, and Hall of Fame.

Credited by NATO as the “founder of modern e-learning”, Dr. Badrul Huda Khan was one of the two individuals inducted into the USDLA Hall of Fame for 2015. Ms. Jenny Jopling, Chair of USDLA Board of Directors noted that, “This year’s award winners represent many of the most innovative leaders in the field of distance learning.” She continued, “I also look forward to seeing these leaders again during National Distance Learning Week, November 9-13, 2015.”

Dr. Khan has published several outstanding reference sources with IGI Global, including Flexible Learning in an Information Society, Managing E-Learning Strategies: Design, Delivery, Implementation and Evaluation, User Interface Design for Virtual Environments: Challenges and Advances, and the E-Learning QUICK Checklist. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Khan on his tremendous achievements.

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