ARBA provides comprehensive, authoritative reviews of print and electronic reference works

InfoSci-Subject Databases Receive Commendations from American Reference Books Annual

By IGI Global on Aug 11, 2016
American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) The most comprehensive, authoritative collection of quality reviews of print and electronic reference works, American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) features more than 19,500 reviews of reference works. These reviews let librarians and academics identify and assess reference publications with confidence and ease, enabling up-to-date collections and ensuring depth of coverage. ARBA recently evaluated IGI Global's InfoSci-Subject Databases and gave them some great feedback.

InfoSci-Business and Management Information Science and Technology "An easy-to-use e-book platform. The format allows users to search scholarly content, and the format of the books allows users to find similar pieces since they are organized by subject within the books. Recommended for libraries looking for resources in these subject areas."
-Breezy Silver, American Reference Books Annual

InfoSci-Computer Science and Information Technology "Strong in the range of technology subject areas and the provided tools will expedite the process of sifting through the content easily. Most book resources are current, offering information entrenched in practical and trending ideas on computer science and information technology. This database will be useful for high-level academic research, engineers, and others working in the IT industry. This database is relevant for any academic reference collection. Recommended."
-Janis Minshull, American Reference Books Annual

InfoSci-Educational Science and Technology "Teachers, education administrators, education policymakers, researchers, and librarians will find this a rich resource. It is a trove of reputable and timely research on everything concerning the intersection of technology and education-a subject that will be of great importance for the foreseeable future. IGI provides these titles in both print and electronic format, but database subscribers receive the digital versions much faster."
-Kristin Kay Leeman, American Reference Books Annual

InfoSci-Environmental Science and Technology "Provides detailed research for college students, researchers, engineers, scholars, government officials, and other practitioners seeking to understand and make a difference in the care and treatment of the environment. Recommended."
-Janis Minshull, American Reference Books Annual

InfoSci-Government Science and Technology "Lawmakers, policymakers, and anyone with technical service responsibilities at any level of government should know about this collection. Researchers in any of these fields as well as political and social scientists will find value in this collection. The titles are current, relevant, and timely. It is recommended as a source of authoritative and academic information the applications, implications, and impacts of technology and government."
-Kristin Kay Leeman, American Reference Books Annual

InfoSci-Medical, Healthcare, and Life Science and Technology "This resource is highly recommended for health care practitioners, administrators, policymakers, and students. This is an important collection for anyone with interest in the impact of technology on the health care field. This electronic resource is especially recommended, as new titles are made available more quickly than in print."
-Kristin Kay Leeman, American Reference Books Annual
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